Welcome to my website and blog!

Here you can find the latest information about my current and upcoming releases as well as follow me on my most recent adventures. Whether it be in writing, traveling, or minimalism, I’m always up to something!

I’m thrilled you’re here, keep reading for more about me.

Author Vivi Strom
Vivi Strøm

I’m probably one of the most enthusiastic people you could ever come across. Not a day goes by that I don’t get extremely excited about something, especially if it’s something new! This excitability comes with new ideas, new knowledge, and new passions…literally daily!

But, there are a few things, that have always remained constant in my life. My passion for writing, for travel and the environment, and for learning new things.

I’m very excited to share my writing with you, in the form of books of course, but also this site and blog. My hope is that I can take you on my adventures and show you things as I explore, and teach you things as I learn them!

I really hope you enjoy my writing and ramblings, thanks for stopping by!

-Vivi Strøm