I feel like there is a stereotype surrounding writers that they all want some secluded getaway place where they can find some peace and quiet and lose themselves in reading and writing, and honestly… It’s true, it’s so true!

It has always been my dream to build an A-frame cabin high up a hillside or mountain, over looking the ocean in either Maine, Washington, or Vancouver. Surrounded by lush green trees and ever changing rainy and foggy weather, perfect excuses to stay inside light a fire and read and/or write.

I’m spoiling the post, let’s get into it!

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses - Writer's Hideaway
Original Photo Credit: Arnaud Steckle

#1) That Roof Pitch – That Iconic Steep sided roof that gives the cabin it’s name of A-frame. I live in the frosty north, I have to shovel my roof off a dozen times a year. The A-frame shape eliminates the need to shovel your roof, maybe the ground I mean this is the frosty north, but at least that polar wind isn’t whipping around making your skin turn blue and trying to push you off your roof.

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses - The roof Pitch
Original Photo Credit: Edoardo Bust

#2) Efficiency – Typically the A-frame cabin has a relatively open floor plan and a fireplace, allowing for relatively cheap and very effiecient heating. Unlike convential homes, that roof pitch is going to trap heat high up at the peak as well so you’re warm but not baking inside.

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses - Efficiency
Original Photo Credit: Michael Shannon

#3) The Views – No (reasonably priced) home offers the attainable views that an A-frame offers. We are talking floor to ceiling windows, opening onto decks with the potential for a second story loft and balcony. You place that A-frame on any lot with trees and you are transported to the forest.

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses -  The views
Original Photo Credit: Evan Leith

#4) Durability – The Triangle is the most stable shape. A-frame houses have been built straddling rivers and have even withstood earthquakes!

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses - Durability
Original Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

#5) Hygge – There is nothing cozier than a mug of your favorite warm drink, on a comfy couch, in front of a little stove or fireplace, with your loved ones (pets and people!), looking out a gigantic window at all the beauty that nature has to offer on a cold day.
The Danes call this wholesome, cozy, special, wonderful vibe- Hygge. Hygge perfectly describes how I feel about the good ol’ A-frame.

5 Reasons A-frames make the best houses - Hygge
Original Photo Credit: Evan Leith

A-frames get an A-grade in my book!