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Author Vivi Strom
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I’m probably one of the most enthusiastic people you could ever come across. Not a day goes by that I don’t get extremely excited about something, especially if it’s something new! This excitability comes with new ideas, new knowledge, and new passions … daily!

It’s also made for an interesting life with multitudes of paths some explored far deeper than others where I barely scratched the surface. I struggled my entire early adult life trying to find my place or my niche in the world, changing majors in college way too many times I was frustrated, my friends were frustrated, my parents were frustrated… What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just stick to something and see it through!

My mom showed me a newspaper cartoon one day. (The Original meme for my younger fellow millennials.)

It said; “Never Judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a Tree.”

-Albert Einstein

My mom and her newspaper cartoon were very wise, and that cartoon has followed me my entire life. I would find my way. I would get there. But, it wasn’t until many more majors, career changes, and Ted Talks later that I had the realization that there isn’t something wrong with me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
What seemed like indecisiveness was actually an unquenchable thirst to learn and discover. That unquenchable thirst for new things, change, learning, and exploring has made me an extremely well-rounded person with a wild imagination able to pull and create from many different walks of life!

It’s an amazing skill set for someone who creates stories and writes fiction and fantasy…but It wasn’t primed and ready for action until my late twenties.
The majority of my early career years I spent in retail management and forensic accounting. Then I came to a point that I knew I needed to do something more creative so I moved to the travel Industry.
As I planned out vacations and researched destinations I would get all these inspired ideas for an adventure and I could picture that adventure playing out and at some point, I started writing them down.

I still work my day job in the travel industry, but by night my caffeinated author night job takes over and I’m so glad to finally be here, where I am now, nearing the eve of the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday.

I’m very excited to share my writing with you, in the form of books of course, but also this site and blog. My hope is that I can take you on my adventures and show you things as I explore, and teach you things as I learn them!

I really hope you enjoy my writing and ramblings, thanks for stopping by!

-Vivi Strøm